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With a Teaser you awaken the curiosity. A trigger, a taste of a movie or event or product presentation.
Visual material that shows just enough to make the viewer curious. As a run-up to a film, event or to promote an aftermovie.

How do i let make a Teaser?

Together with Render Factory you determine the purpose of the teaser. Render Factory then provides the right atmosphere, images and sounds.
Easy to share via social media. A teaser that certainly attracts attention.

Bauhauz Official Teaser 2016 (Blenderz)

Zadig - UVB - Bas Mooy - Ekim - Nina de Koning - Jeane Isadou

Teaser CV De Stampers 2016

In this video the teaser triggers to make the audience curious about the follow-up video.

ADE Arrival Malke Airport Eindhoven 2015

In this video a preview of how Malke was picked up from the airport, before the Techno & Hardtechno Party @ ADE.

Event teaser Hard Techno
for Blenderz at ADE 2015

Instagram teaser for Blenders events @ ADE 2015

Oktoberfest Breda Build up Teaser 2014

Jetzt geht's los! Here the build up in a super fast timelapse.
     This is the annual German beer drink party at the NAC stadium in Breda!


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